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Research Methods for Each Objective

From the phase of new products/services development, to revision of existing product/service, CBR plans its research by carefully considering each objective of various stages.

To solve our clients’ issues, CBR goes beyond mere data collecting, and makes proposals based on full comprehension of the underlying objectives. Feel free to contact us for flexible arrangement of various research methods.

Samples of Consumer Research Methods per Objective

Quantitative research
Idea Screening Testing
Concept Testing
TV Commercial Testing
Name Testing
Price Flexibility Testing
Design Testing
Package Testing
Package Shelf Testing
Product Testing
(Trial, Food and Beverage Sampling, etc.)
Concept&Product Testing
(Trial, Food and Beverage Sampling, etc.)
Fragrance Testing
Tracking Test
Basic Survey
Efficacy of Distribution/Promotion
Customer Satisfaction Survey

( ◎ Ideal / ○ Sufficient / △ Possible )

Consumers’ unconscious eye movements or behavior could be analyzed using eye trackers to measure the efficacy of designs, package or sales promotion items such as POP, posters, etc.

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